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Why Romantic Emails Are a Great Way to Say “I Love You”

For the average American, technology and modern-day life go hand-in-hand. From sun-up to sun-down we are constantly “plugged in” – if we’re not checking our schedules and email accounts on our smartphones, we’re sitting at a cubicle in front of a computer screen or standing in a boardroom giving a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation. It seems like we’re always on the go, always working, always looking for ways to make life more organized and efficient. But in the hectic day-to-day rush, we sometimes forget how technology can benefit one of the most important aspects of our lives: our relationships.

Think of the last time your girlfriend surprised you with a visit at the office, or the last time your husband called you out of the blue in the middle of the day. Spontaneous displays of affection are a great way to remind your significant other that you are always thinking of them. And, with technology at our daily disposal, it’s easier now than ever to reach out and rekindle the romance. Here are a few reasons why sending a romantic email is a great way to say, “I love you”.

It’s Easy Peasy
Composing an email is as simple as accessing your email client, filling out a few details, typing up your message, and clicking ‘send’. Want to personalize your message with a little extra flair? Email clients make it easy to add picture attachments, insert cute little emoticons, and use other fun tidbits to make your digital love letter come to life. Because these services are usually offered for free, sending a romantic email is a wonderful, inexpensive alternative to text-messaging or placing a call during the day (though, by all means, do pick up that phone if your sweetie is so touched that they want to hear your voice!).

It Fits Into Your Schedule
Feeling pressed for time but want to let your significant other know that they’re on your mind? It literally only takes a minute to type up a quick but heartfelt message – “Can’t wait until I can come home to you!” or “Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face!” are just some short and sweet examples. On the other hand, if you’re taking an hour-long lunch break, why not write a detailed message describing just how much you miss your loved one and how much it means to you that they’re in your life? The beauty of email messaging is that there are no rules – no matter how much (or how little) time you have, it’s always possible to reach out to that special someone.

It’s Out of the Ordinary
Most inboxes are filled with the same kinds of emails day in and day out – newsletters, work-related correspondence, tons of spam. Imagine how surprised (and happy!) your significant other would be to receive something a little more exciting and personal than a sales flyer from Because messages usually include a subject line, sending an email with a sweet (or saucy) header is the perfect way to add a little touch of romance to their day. Be spontaneous and creative – you never know what pleasantly unexpected messages you’ll end up getting in return!

It’s Good for Your Relationship
Communication is a very important part of maintaining healthy relationships. Listening to what your partner has to say, and sharing your own feelings, promotes understanding and openness. By communicating to your significant other that you care about them and appreciate them, you are strengthening the core of your relationship and nurturing your intimacy. Doing something as simple as sending out a romantic email can have a very deep (and very positive) impact on your partner – it lets them know that they are an important part of your daily life, and that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will always be thinking of them.

The next time you’re away from your loved one (at work, on a business trip, even just a few rooms down), consider hopping on to the Internet and sending them a thoughtful, romantic email. Make it a funny anecdote about the first time you met, or copy and paste the lyrics to a song that reminds you of them. It can be as short or as long as you’d like, as light-hearted or as poetic as you can make it. As long as it reflects your feelings and makes your partner feel special and loved, there’s no limit to how much romance you can spark with the simple click of a button.

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