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Tips for Creating a Romantic and Relaxing Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is probably one of the most important rooms in the house to decorate. It is the place we sleep every night, the place we wake up every morning and the place where we most often make love. But so many times people leave that important room ignored, preferring to spend more time decorating their living room, kitchen or office. Fortunately, all people have to do in order to add a relaxing, romantic ambiance to their master bedroom is start following a few little tips.

Tip One: Keep it clean. The master bedroom can quickly become the house’s catch-all if people aren’t careful. Dirty clothes in particular can pile up without warning and put a kink in the room’s feel, taking away the peacefulness. By keeping items off the floor, organizing closets and dressers and always making the bed, already people will find their rooms to be a source of calm instead of more stress.

Tip Two: Add pleasant scents. People associate certain smells with different feelings and emotions. Adding scented candles to a room can up its romantic power exponentially. Incense and potpourri can also do the trick. Some smells that are typically associated with romance and relaxation are sweet flower scents like rose, spicy holiday scents like cinnamon and deep earthy scents like pine.

Tip Three: Choose the right colors. When decorating a bedroom to capture a romantic vibe, certain colors can heighten the intended mood. For instance, decorating using reds and complementary colors such as burnt orange or gold make people think of love because of the popular association of red with Valentine’s Day. Chair cushions, wall art and comforter sets can all be picked out to match by following a red color scheme.

Tip Four: Make the bed inviting. The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the house when it comes to resting and getting romantic. Beds that have scratchy covers and flat pillows aren’t as inviting as beds with thick, silky comforters and an abundance of fluffy pillows. Decorative throw pillows can be added in various numbers, from a couple to a dozen. Together, the bedding contributes to how much a person wants to lie down on the bed as does the size or shape of the mattress.

Tip Five: Add curtains. Master bedrooms usually have at least one window, and so often people leave dull white blinds as a cover for them. They don’t bother to buy and install curtains, when doing so has the power to up the room’s romantic factor big time. Imagine if instead of blinds there were floor length red velvet curtains on the windows. If a person would like a lighter, more airy look, perhaps sheer or lace curtains are a better pick. Curtains can even come in silken metallic colors like gold with matching valances that have exotic beaded trim. Blinds can’t hold a candle to the power of a perfectly chosen set of curtains.

Tip Six: Include several plants. Greenery, whether faux or real, gives a feeling of life and vitality to any room. Some ideas for this decorating tip include placing an exquisitely decorated vase of red or pink roses on top of a dresser, or adding a small glass vase with a single white lily on a nightstand. Ivy is an easy-to-grow plant and can hang from the ceiling in a basket or wind around a window.

There are no limits when it comes to being creative while decorating the master bedroom. Making it a haven for relaxation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By sticking with the right color scheme, keeping the room tidy and smelling good, as well as incorporating attractive plants, bedding and curtains, even the smallest, dullest room can transform into a romantic paradise.

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