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The Most Romantic Ways To Get Engaged

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments in life. It is an exciting day for both people, and an important milestone. There many different creative ways to get engaged, but one thing is for sure…you want the moment to be special. While some people opt for grand gestures such as proposing at a sporting event, there are many more subtle and romantic ways to get engaged. It is a moment you will always remember, and a story you will tell a hundred times. Therefore, you have to make it special.

One great romantic way to get engaged is to pick a spot that is significant to both of you. This could mean the place you had your first date, the place you first went on vacation together, or just a general place that is important to both of you. Picking a place like that symbolizes how far your relationship has come. Of course, if you first met at a bar, that probably is not the most romantic place to get engaged. If that is the case, see what is close to that area. Is there a park or monument nearby? If you first met at a restaurant or you went there on your first date, call the place ahead of time. Mention your plan and request a table that is more private if possible. You can use that opportunity to make any special requests, such as music.

Another great thing is to pick a place that is significant to one of you. This could be going to a nearby park, or going to the jungle gym where you attended elementary school. Pick a time when the place will be quiet and intimate. This will make for a romantic story for the girl to tell all of her friends. It also gives you privacy to tell her how you feel and ask her in the proper way.

The time of day is also significant. If you can swing it to propose at sunset, that is a great idea. The best time is usually about a half hour before the sunset time. That is when the sky is orange. Pick a place that has a scenic background, like a beach or a park. Get there a little early and go for a walk so that your girlfriend will always remember what the place looked like. Propose at sunset and you have a perfectly romantic proposal. Plan a romantic dinner afterwards and you will have a great engagement night.

When it comes to the actual proposal, don’t just hand over the ring. Take the time to tell her how you really feel and why you want to marry. Say something that will melt her heart. Even if you are sure she will say yes, odds are you will feel incredibly nervous. Take a few moments before asking the big question to collect your thoughts. You want the moment to be perfect, so think about what you want to say ahead of time.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or come up with an elaborate scenario in order to have a romantic proposal. The moment is more about what you say than where you are. Often times, a simple proposal in your own home can be the most romantic. Women love spontaneous displays of romance. You could slip the ring on her hand while she sleeps. Wake her up with a romantic poem or letter and give her some flowers. It is harder to surprise a girl more than when she first wakes up, and it is an act of romance she will never forget.

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