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Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas – Top Ideas For Him and Her

If your loved one’s birthday is fast approaching, then you may have found yourself stressing out over what to give him or her. This is a particularly common scenario if you are in a new relationship with someone, and it is their very first birthday which is fast approaching. You undoubtedly have a strong desire to make a good impression and to get them a gift that they will appreciate and love. On the other hand, it is a good idea to tread carefully and to not go too far overboard. The gift that you give on your lover’s first birthday will set the tone for all future birthday gifts that you will be responsible for. It normally isn’t a good idea to follow up an extravagant birthday gift one year with a mediocre birthday gift the next year. The best course of action is to gradually ratchet up the birthday gifts that you give your lover so that every single birthday gift you give them will quite literally be the best birthday gift they have ever received from you.

For this reason, it is a good idea to make the first birthday gift quite modest. This is especially true if your relationship isn’t yet serious: you don’t want to send the wrong message. At the same time, you want your gift to convey a bit of romance, as opposed to a purely practical gift. Many hapless men have found themselves the butt of jokes for an entire year because they decided to buy their girlfriend that new DVD player that she had expressed interest in.

One simple and budget-friendly idea for a romantic birthday gift is to get something personalized for your lover. For almost any product on the market, you can usually have a personalized version made for a small additional fee. If your lover is a big coffee fan who never misses her cup of coffee in the morning, then you may think that a coffee mug would make a great gift for him or her. This is an example of a very bland and uninteresting gift. On the other hand, if you have that same coffee mug personalized – then you have now come up with a gift which will be considered both romantic and thoughtful. You could have a coffee mug made that contains both of your names embedded within a heart, or perhaps you could write a few lines about what a great person your lover is.

If you and your lover are already living together, then a great item to have personalized are your bath towels. Perhaps you need a new set of bath towels in your new home, because your old bath towels have worn out. One idea is to purchase a standard set of bath towels for your lover. This probably won’t go over very well. Your lover will wonder if you just looked at the stuff that you bought on a daily errand and asked yourself which of them you could pass off as a gift. If you have your names engraved on those same towels, then they take on a whole other meaning. Now you are showing a deep respect for the love that you share with your lover. You are indicating to him or her that you don’t consider your bathroom or your home complete without your lover.

There are many other examples that could go along with these. What was once a simple, practical gift becomes something with a whole other level of emotional significance when it becomes personalized. Your lover will be very pleased with his or her birthday gift.

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