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Don’t Forget the Candles

It’s a special evening, with a special someone. You have been longing, yearning for the opportunity to share a romantic endeavor with this particular individual for so long. Maybe he just got back from a business trip or perhaps he’s been away on a mission (a James Bond type fellow). Either way you are in awe at the thought of seeing him again and are planning the most seductive rendezvous ever.
You’ve cooked up the sexiest of dishes, an herbed lamb croquette with oysters on the half shell to start off with (perfect finger food that can be easily fed to one another). You have scented your body in every naughty and nice nook and cranny you can find with the finest and most seductive perfume you own. (You know that fancy little bottle you picked up while on holiday in Paris. The one you save for only the most exceptional of events). Music is softly playing in the background, perhaps some Sade, or tribal drum rhythms. Your Beau knocks on the door and you eagerly prance to unlock the magical love den holding a silver platter adorned with a chocolate dipped strawberry amuse bouche that you ‘just so happened’ to whip up in your black see-through dress- that might actually be a negligee but since you are wearing it with a belt and earrings you’ve decided to classify it as “evening attire”.
You’re Beau enters; your heart is pounding and wondering if his is too. As you search his gaze for a moment of eye locking paradise, you notice his usually agreeable and irresistible eyes have narrowed to slits. At first you think it’s a look of eagerness mixed with boy-like shyness, but then the harsh reality hits you. It’s not passion; he’s squinting because of the terrible energy efficient light bulbs you bought for your flat. They are blinding his poor eyes! You completely forgot about that one little detail; after all you’ve grown used to the glaring fluorescents that highlight every wrinkle and every red vein in your pale complexion. You’ve forgotten how unflattering the glow is and how reminiscent of a supermarket/office cubical your home has become, but Beau hasn’t, and he looks quite disappointed. An awkward silence fills the room; the music in the background even stops playing, as if on cue… this continues for what seems like an eternity. As ‘Beau’ searches his pockets for his sunglasses the aroma of burned lamb begins to permeate the room. You’re dream of an ideal passionate evening wrapped in the euphoria of delight has come to a halt. If only you would have considered one of the most important details of any good tryst… soft lighting.
My fellow romantics don’t let this happen to you! When planning dreamy evenings you must consider every nuance down to the smallest yet most important of details, like lighting and hiding the cat box. But, let us focus on lighting. Lighting is not only the easiest way to set a mood it is also incredibly simple to execute. You don’t need to buy special lamps or light bulbs, or even spend a lot of money on fancy lampshades. The best (and most cost effective) way to illuminate a room in seductive blissful shadows of moody ambiance is with candles. Yes, candles are the single most romantic source of lighting available to man and woman. The soft glow of candlelight instantly transforms a dinner to a feast. And let’s face it, 90% of society looks better in supple, dim lit settings. Plus, if the date goes well, there’s no need to turn the lights off, just remember to extinguish the candles before slipping away to dream land in your lovers arms.

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