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Plan a Romantic Christmas Vacation

Picture the two of you snuggling in front of a fire roaring in a great stone hearth. The day’s skiing had been fantastic and now a gentle snow is falling outside the ski lodge, coating the mountain and the trees with a soft blanket of white. Or imagine, instead, the two of you sitting under a palm tree, cool tropical drinks in hand, as the surf crashes onto the shore in front of you. When it comes to a romantic Christmas vacation, you can choose to go either hot or cold; tropics or snow.

For romantic traditionalists, spending Christmas in a warm weather locality is almost blasphemous. If you believe that snow should be part of your romantic Christmas vacation, then a trip to the Rockies or a local ski lodge will be perfect for you and your lover. Book with a ski lodge early to ensure that you can get a room, as skiing vacations are very popular during the holiday season. It’s important to book with a ski lodge early to ensure that you can get a room, as skiing vacations are very popular during the holiday season. You will also need to decide whether you will want to bring your own ski equipment or rent it when you reach your destination. With many airlines now charging round trip fees for every piece of baggage, it may be cheaper and easier just to rent bulky ski equipment once you arrive.

To make your Christmas ski lodge vacation even more memorable, do a little research and find out if there are other romantic activities that may be offered at the resort, such as a horse sleigh trip or massages. Don’t forget, also, to make reservations at a nice restaurant for Christmas or, if all your restaurant options will be closed on Christmas Day, figure out a way that the two of you can still have a romantic dinner with as little stress and work as possible.

If cold weather is not you and your lover’s thing, then do like the Hollywood stars and head to the tropics. Celebs flock to literal hot spots such as Hawaii or St. Barts in the Caribbean during the Christmas holidays. Australia, where it is summer, is another hot spot option. While lounging on a beach is not usually what one thinks about when they think about Christmas, many people enjoy taking a break from the cold weather that seems to last forever in the winter.

Unfortunately, both skiing trips and tropical vacations have one not-so-pleasant thing in common. They are both usually very costly, as it is high season for both types of vacations during the Christmas holidays. If you are looking for a bargain, check into packages for off-season romantic sites such as Paris or Venice. Though, they may be chilly, and maybe even a bit dreary, these locations still offer much charm and are beautiful settings for a romantic Christmas vacation.

Before you rush off and book a romantic Christmas vacation, it is important to make sure that your lover will be fine with the idea. Surprising a lover with a trip may sound like a good idea, but if it will conflict with annual family plans, a vacation could end up causing more stress than romance.

Another possible faux pas is one that could possibly trip up a guy. Single men, who are planning on staying single, and who are taking their lovers on a romantic vacation should be careful about the type of gift they buy. A romantic setting and a jewelry store bag or box being presented on Christmas could ratchet up hopes of a wedding proposal.

Overall, however, a romantic Christmas vacation is a great way to celebrate a cherished holiday with a cherished someone.

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