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How to Prepare a Perfect Romantic Picnic

A perfect informal date is a romantic picnic with a loved one. For someone who has never packed a meal for a picnic, this can be an intimidating challenge. However, with a few simple words of advice, anyone can prepare a perfect romantic picnic in no time.

The first step is making sure that you have all the supplies you will need. You are going to need napkins, plates, glasses, and silverware. While you can use nice quality disposable products, using higher quality items from home can add a nice touch to your picnic. For glasses, think about using champagne or wine glasses, even if you aren’t serving wine. Real silver and cloth napkins will also enhance your experience and make this a date to remember. It’s the small things that make your picnic special. Other important materials to remember are a cooler with ice to keep your food from spoiling and a picnic blanket. If you can find one, a specialized picnic blanket with a plastic backing will protect you from moisture and insects.

The next step in planning the perfect picnic is choosing a location. Make sure to pick a beach or park that is not too busy. Although it may be fun, a romantic picnic will lose intimacy if there is a beach volleyball game going on ten feet away. If you do choose a busy public park, look for a place that is more private and secluded. If a public park is not an option for you, you can certainly set up a picnic in your back yard, or even on your living room floor. It’s not the location so much as the person you are with that matters.

The final, and most important, step in preparing for a romantic picnic is to pick a menu and prepare the food. Rather than preparing an elaborate meal, pick simple and elegant platters. Cheese, grapes, and a baguette would be a beautiful presentation. You can also create a platter of salads and spreads, such as tomato basil salad, hummus, tortellini and fresh mozzarella salad, and a kalamata olive spread. Throw in a crusty loaf of bread, and you’re set. If you are daunted by the task of cooking, stop at your local grocery and pick up a variety of salads. Another alternative is to order a meal from your favorite restaurant. However, make sure you are picking romantic foods. Pizza and wings may be a favorite, but dainty slices of rolled sushi are a better bet for a romantic picnic. For drinks, share your menu at the location where you buy wine. They should be able to help you pick a wine that will compliment the food you are serving. If you don’t want to serve alcohol, buy bottled water in fancy glass bottles. Sipping sparkling water out of a wine glass can add just the touch you need to a romantic picnic.

No what location or menu you choose for your romantic picnic, remember that the most important part is that you are spending time with your partner. Years from now, you may not remember what you ate or where you sat but, hopefully, you will remember that you spent time with the person you loved.

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