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Five Tips for a Succesful First Date

First dates are challenging because they set the tone for the entire duration of the relationship. An awesome first date means the beginning of a new relationship and a bad date means you might miss out on a really great companion. The pressure of a first date has lead many well-meaning individuals astray, but if you can keep your cool you can make it through even the toughest first date situations.

The most important thing to remember on a first date is not to panic. The following guide will help you keep your cool.

1. Be Yourself

If you’re looking to begin a long term relationship, it’s important to be completely honest with your date. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not unless you want to keep it up for the entire duration of the relationship. Pretending to be an actor when you’re really a postman will be a hard lie to uphold as the relationship progresses. Getting caught in a lie is not only embarrassing, but will be a major relationship setback.

If your date doesn’t like the real you during the first date than he or she never will. Forcing someone to like you by lying about yourself just wastes both of your time which could be spent finding someone more compatible.

2. Dress Comfortably

Whether your a girl or a guy, dressing comfortably is imperative on first dates. It’s tempting to pull out a pair of shoes you’ve never worn or a fancy new shirt, but unless you feel completely comfortable in your nicest clothing you’ll come across as stiff or awkward. Additionally, you may end up with an itchy shirt or shoes that rub your feet raw. It’s best to choose clothes for first dates that are familiar and comfortable.

3. Ask Questions

Everyone loves to be listened to. It’s important that you take an active interest in your date. If your date is telling a story, than ask him or her questions during pauses. This will encourage your date to continue talking and help them to see you as a good listener. Both men and women believe listening to be a valuable trait in a companion.

4. Do Something

First dates can get awkward pretty quickly if the only thing planned is sitting inside a fancy restaurant. If you run out of things to say or have difficulty finding common interests, a conversation based date could be disastrous. It’s best to go out and do something. Go rollerblading, take a walk in the park, have a picnic. Anything that gets the two of you moving around and having a good time is an excellent, pressure free choice for a first date.

5. Rid Yourself of Expectations

An easy way to ruin a great first date is by establishing a long list of expectations. Don’t worry too much about specifics on how you think the evening will go. Planning things out too rigidly will only result in unmet expectations. Additionally, it’s important not to expect your date to be the guy or girl of your dreams the moment you meet for your first date. For most couples, chemistry takes a while to develop. It’s important not to give up or view the date as a failure if the two of you don’t gel perfectly on the first try.

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