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Dating on a Budget – Why Cheap Can Be Fun

Just because the economy is suffering and possibly your wallet right along with it, that’s no excuse to stay home. Even while on a strict budget, there are still endless possibilities for you and your love interest to get out and about. From casual to romantic, dating on a budget doesn’t have to be boring. By using your imagination and a little ingenuity, you can still have memorable dates that don’t have to include an empty bank account. Not only that, budget dating actually requires interaction between you and your date, ensuring that the two of you get to know each other better than you would while sitting through a movie.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Almost free date ideas:

These are listed as almost free because there may be transportation or small entrance fees.

- Go fly a kite. You and your date can even get creative and create your own kites out of newspaper or left over gift wrap.
- Go to your local park and have a picnic and feed the ducks.
- Make homemade pizza together and play a board game. Try to pick a board game that will let you get to know one another.
- Attend a local high school football game.
- Read your local paper and find a festival or opening in the area and attend.
- Explore a flea market or estate sale.
- Have a spa night. Have a bubble bath for two and then give each other massages, and then….you get the picture.
- Go to a pick your own orchard or farm. Bring your bounty home and learn to make jam or can.
- Attend a free class together. Many cooking stores offer free classes, as do local libraries.
- Head to your local bookstore and explore the stacks.
- Go to a local car dealership and test drive your dream cars.
- Play 20 questions. Make a list of open ended questions and take turn asking them.
- Visit your state park and take a hike together.
- Have an art night. Get a bottle of wine, some drawing paper, and sketching pencils. If you can’t draw well, invest in two bottles of wine. Soon your art will look like masterpieces.
- Sight see in your own city. Grab a local tourism guide and play visitor for a day.

Inexpensive date ideas:

The majority of these will cost $10.00 or under.

- Go to the local ice cream parlor and order the largest sundae you can find and then share. Fight over whom gets the last bite of whipped cream.
- Attend a local theater production. Local colleges and high schools often put on a show in the spring and fall.
- Go stargazing at your local planetarium. You can snuggle under the stars without being cold or damp.
- Fill a cooler with junk food, grab some blankets and find a drive-in theater. You pay by the car not by the person, so a drive-in can save more money than attending your local movieplex.
- Find an indoor ice rink and go ice skating. This will give you the opportunity to laugh and tumble onto each other. Warm up afterwards by sharing a hot chocolate.
- Visit a local winery or brewery and taste what your area of the country has to offer.

With enough imagination, even a mundane chores like visiting the laundromat can turn into a fun date. Sharing experiences and communicating and having fun are the keys to a great date, not the amount of money you spend.

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